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Duct Tape is known as Duck Tape or called Cloth Tape, It’s a single side coated with a poly-ethylene resin and high sticky rubber-based Adhesive. Its highly used on wood, stone, Plaster, Bricks & Metal, also can use for Patching Holes, Packing Box Repairs.

It’s a long-lasting adhesive tape, widely used to seal heavy packing cartons, book backing: fix carpet seams, suture pipeline: repair mains connector, penetrated parts: fix the protective pad on the floor, countertop and walls.

Duct Tape is very easy to apply and peel quickly, it’s also applying to bundle, fix, lap, patch in the industry, and any other temporary fixed location. Due to its strength and water resistance, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor walls, wood, and others. It’s available in a different variety of sizes (Length) accordingly to usage.

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