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Best Painter's Tape

Can I use lightweight packaging tape as painter’s tape?

Well, for Painting the best-ever tape is Masking Tape known as Painter’s tape, which is more reliable and preferable tape. however, if somehow you can’t manage the Masking tape, then you can use lightweight packaging tape as Pantiner’s tape. but a few things you should keep in mind before applying…


Is 48mm x 50m packing tape stronger than 48mm x 100m?

No, such things are only sizing and that’s make packing tape stronger such as 48mm is called width and 50m or 100m are called Length of tape and that is not applicable on their strength, If you are looking for stronger packing tape you must increase the thickness of film…

packing tape manufacturer

Packing Tape Manufacturers

While searching on google.com about Packing Tape Manufacturers in Pakistan, ever you realize that what are the procedures and how to produce the packing tape? I think, No! Cuz we think, It’s not necessary to know about it, Right? and we are not much concerned about that does company manufacturing…

masking tape

Masking Tape in Pakistan

It’s simple self light-adhesive paper tape, it contains high-quality glue which helps to paste on walls for painting/coloring. It’s used as a label in textile industries and it’s very friendly for fabrics as well. Features / Benefits of Masking Tape It’s very easy to apply on walls, fabric, steel pipes,…

Rising Prices

Rising Prices Last 6 Months

Rising prices are becoming a serious issue, the current situation of the market is very unstable and getting worst day by day. The plastic Packing Material Industry is crashed due to such uncertainty which directly or indirectly affecting the prices and at last, the end-user has to bear the burden. …

wrap sheet

Wrapped up Promotions

Stretch Film is commonly known as wrap sheets which use for wrapped up the products/packages and make bundles for easy logistic handling. Currently, the promotion is available for a limited time, you can check out below:- Wrapping Sheet Promotion You also can visit our shop to purchase Wrapping Sheets.


Stretch Roll

Stretch Roll is used for wrapping the objects, such as pallets, boxes, machines, furniture, appliances, accessories, and more much as we like. Stretch Roll Terms & Conditions: 1) Stretch Roll contains size 500mmx200meters2) The thickness of the Tape is 15Micron.3) MOQ 1 Carton (which contains 6 rolls).6) Free Delivery services…

logo printed tape

Logo Printed Tape – Ultimate Offer

Logo Printed tape is known as Custom Packing Tape & here It is Ultimate Offer so Grab it now! Other PrintedTape Print your Brand Logo, website name, or custom text and advertise your business.This offer is valid limited time!Just contact us by Email / Whatsapp.terms & conditions applied. Why do…

Stretch Film LLDPE

Stretch Film LLDPE – No 1 Can, What we can!

Hey, Grab the exciting offer, before it’s too late! Stretch film LLDPE is commonly used for Packing, Bundling, and wrapping the Cargo / Cartons/boxes / Pallets & Other Objects. It’s a versatile film and that’s why 3/10 companies are using this for packaging their products.so this amazing offer is giving…


Stretch Film

Have Fun! Wrap your loved one with a Stretch wrap so he could not go anywhere except yours.

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