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Is 48mm x 50m packing tape stronger than 48mm x 100m?

No, such things are only sizing and that’s make packing tape stronger such as 48mm is called width and 50m or 100m are called Length of tape and that is not applicable on their strength, If you are looking for stronger packing tape you must increase the thickness of film and adhesive to make it stronger.


Procedure which Make Packing Tape Stronger

Let me explain the procedure of self-adhesive packing tape, It contains 2 types of material, a film & adhesive, and the thickness of these materials are defines the quality of packing tape. combination of film & adhesive thicknesses is commonly called “micron of packing tape” for example:-

  • Thicnkess of Film Contain 21mm & adhesive contain 19mm so we can call it 40 Micron Self-adhesive Packing Tape which are standard packing tape for industry.
  • Film contain 23mm & adhesive contain 22mm that’s called 45 Micron Self adhesive Packing Tape, which is high quality tape and commonly used for industry in winter seasons.
  • If Film contain 30mm & adhesive contain 25mm which combination is 55Micron and that can be the strong packing tape. it’s contain high value of film & adhesive.

So these all the above-mentioned factors make the packing tape stronger.

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