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Can I use lightweight packaging tape as painter’s tape?

Well, for Painting the best-ever tape is Masking Tape known as Painter’s tape, which is more reliable and preferable tape. however, if somehow you can’t manage the Masking tape, then you can use lightweight packaging tape as Pantiner’s tape. but a few things you should keep in mind before applying lightweight packaging tape.

Disadvantage of not Using Painter’s Tape

  1. Wall/Surface should be clean and dust free, cuz after paint, at the time of tape removing, it’s might keep some particulars of adhesive which make the look bad
  2. Adhesive um (Thickness) should not be more than 36 micron else results looks worst.
  3. Don’t try to paste the lightweight packaging tape hardly or forcely, just use as freindly.
  4. Prefer to arrange to Masking Tape which is effect the results of painted / pasted area.
Best Painter's Tape
Best Painter’s Tape

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