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Packing Tape Manufacturers

While searching on google.com about Packing Tape Manufacturers in Pakistan, ever you realize that what are the procedures and how to produce the packing tape?

I think, No!

Cuz we think, It’s not necessary to know about it, Right? and we are not much concerned about that does company manufacturing itself? or Only Rewinding & cutting the Manufactured Tapes.

packing tape manufacturer
No Manufacturer of Packing Tape in Pakistan!

Packing Tape Manufacturer in Pakistan

The bitter truth, that Self Adhesive Packing Tape is not Manufacturing / Producing in Pakistan, We don’t have the technology to produce Packing tape in Pakistan with Less & competitive prices. There is no Plant / Factory in Pakistan that produces the Packing Tape, It’s very sad but that’s true.

Importers of Packing Tape

We are importing Self-adhesive Packing Tape from China, Taiwan, Korea & the far-east regions in the Shape of Jumbo Rolls & sometimes small rolls which are ready to sell in wholesale and retail as well.

Packing Tape Manufacturer
Rewinding & Cutting Machines

Rewinder / Cutter

In Pakistan, Mostly known Importers change the shape of jumbo rolls into the standard and custom sizes small rolls with the help of rewinder/cutter machines and distribute to the companies, local markets, wholesalers for packaging the products.

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