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Masking Tape in Pakistan

It’s simple self light-adhesive paper tape, it contains high-quality glue which helps to paste on walls for painting/coloring. It’s used as a label in textile industries and it’s very friendly for fabrics as well.

Features / Benefits of Masking Tape

  • It’s very easy to apply on walls, fabric, steel pipes, and more.
  • It contains a very premium paper that is user-friendly to tear and apply.
  • Easily available in Local Markets of Pakistan.
  • Economical in Prices.
  • Most commonly use for Labeling & Marking.
masking tape

Difference Between Masking Tape vs Painter’s Tape

Most people are getting confused to find a difference between the masking tape and painter’s tape.

But you may be shocked when you get to know that there is no difference between them.

It’s just a tactic to sell at high prices that’s it.

Masking Tape Prices

Masking Tape Prices are very reasonable all over Pakistan, as It is imported from China, Taiwan & other regions, and here we in Pakistan just add-on local charges like rewinding, cutting, and packing into different sizes. In local markets the prices are almost the same for retail, however, if you are looking for the bulk quantity you can contact us by visiting the product link or by WhatsApp.


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